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Consultant / motivation-driven-consultancy DARWIND | Darwind

At Darwind we hire consultant for their mentality, potential, motivation and not because we need someone for a mission. We follow the mantra: “a project for a Consultant, not an available consultant on any project”.

Full Time
Experienced (Non-manager), Entry Level
English, French, Dutch
Contract Type: Permanent Contract

You do not always recognize yourself in the model of classical consultancy and would like to be part of an organization who walks the talk.

You think that learning is for every age, you like exchanging with others and would like to evolve.

You are proactive, like transformation and enjoy facing new challenges.

You are caring, helpful and like to do things hands-on and enjoy building with all the team.

So Darwind is for you…


But Who is Darwind?

Darwin is a famous man for his evolution theory. (Yes, I know 😉).

Darwind goes a dimension further. We suggest going beyond evolution and become resilient. 

Darwind was born from the observation that the current model of consulting firms did not allow to get a Win for the 3 parties engaged in: the consultant, the client and the company.

In order to correct this, we suggest going back to basics: the motivation/ the pleasure of coming to work of the consultant as the first factor of success for everyone.

More about Darwind: https://www.darwind.eu


Convinced that motivation is the key success factor of a project, the possibility of learning and integration into the personal professional project are the first criteria for selecting missions.

Our consultants work on medium- or short-term assignments integrated directly into the client's team in order to take most of the experience. To deliver qualitatively on your missions, you can also rely on the diversity of the Darwind Community (Questions, Good Practices, Trainings,…).

We work for our clients on different aspects: IT deployment, Branding, Project Management, Change Implementation, Digital Transformation, Data Analysis, Communication Improvement, Process Design, Customer Experience, Business Analysis, Corporate Agility,…

Way of working

  • We help you to define your career project and we base on to find matching missions with a challenge part
  • Each person follows his own training path, can develop one's own approach and give trainings
  • We work in a flat structure, everyone takes initiatives and build the company
  • Each of us is a builder and an actor of the work environment: we value feedback, communication, transparency, collective intelligence and caring attitude.


  • Master’s degree in:  Economy, Computer Science, Sociology, Engineering, Marketing, Management, Commercial Sciences …
  • You have 2-8 years of experience in consultancy or in other sectors
  • You speak English, Dutch, French or you know two and you are motivated to improve the third.
  • You are motivated to participate in the development of Darwind.
  • You would like to work in an environment that promotes : evolution, human approach, frankness and sense of commitment.


  • A full-time job with motivating missions
  • An attractive salary package (group insurance, lunch allowance, company car, fuel card…)
  • Trainings, career development, possibility of certifications

Contact:   recruitment@darwind.eu

About Darwind
Saffierstraat 33 Rue du Saphir
1030 Brussel/ Bruxelles BE
Darwind was born from the observation that the current model of consulting firms did not allow to get a Win for the 3 parties engaged in: the consultant, the client and the company. We have developed an other model driven by the motivation of the consultant as first factor of success of a project. Our consultants work on the bridge between Business and Technology and accompany clients through change and evolution.
Job Location
Brussels, Belgique

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