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Junior/ Medior Business Analyst - An other way to do consultancy | Darwind

At Darwind we hire consultant for their mentality, potential, motivation and not because we need someone for a mission. We follow the mantra: “a project for a Consultant, not an available consultant on any project”.

Full Time
Entry Level, Experienced (Non-manager)
English, Dutch, French
Contract Type: Permanent Contract

You do not always recognize yourself in the model of classical consultancy and would like to be part of an organization who walks the talk.

You think that learning is for every age, you like exchanging with others and would like to evolve.

You are proactive, like transformation and enjoy facing new challenges.

You are caring, helpful and like to do things hands-on and enjoy building with all the team.

So Darwind is for you

But Who is Darwind?

Darwin is a famous man for his evolution theory. (Yes, I know 😉).

Darwind goes a dimension further. We suggest going beyond evolution and become resilient. 

Darwind was born from the observation that the current model of consulting firms did not allow to get a Win for the 3 parties engaged in: the consultant, the client and the company.

In order to correct this, we suggest going back to basics: the motivation/ the pleasure of coming to work of the consultant as the first factor of success for everyone.

For this, we work as:

  • We help you to define your career project and we base on to find matching missions with a challenge part
  • Each person follows his own training path, can develop one's own approach and give trainings
  • We work in a flat structure, everyone takes initiatives and build the company
  • Each of us is a builder and an actor of the work environment: we value feedback, communication, transparency, collective intelligence, and caring attitude.

    Junior/ Medior Business Analyst

You analyze a specific part/ aspect of a company in order to find the right solution(s) to implement.  Depending on the junior or medior position, you deliver with the guidance of a manager or autonomously.


  • Project Scope & Planning:  expectations, project milestones, calendar, communication plan, stakeholders, methodology, budget,…
  • Project Monitoring: progress, resolving problems; publishing progress reports, recommending direct actions
  • Business and environnement Analysis : challenges, risks, change resistances, structure, sector, culture, vision, strategy, procedures…
  • Stakeholders Management
  • Way of working and Requirements Analysis: process modeling, gap analysis, interviews, workshops, observation, survey, data analysis,…
  • Solutions Assessment & Validation
  • Requirement Management and Communication for solution implementation

Top qualities:

  • In depth analysis - Causality search
  • Project Management
  • Hands on & Pragmatic
  • Communication & Relationship Building
  • Critical Thinking & Helicopter view
  • Problem Solving & Improvement oriented


  • A full-time job with motivating missions
  • An attractive salary package (group insurance, lunch allowance, company car, fuel card…)
  • Trainings, career development, possibility of certifications



About Darwind
Saffierstraat 33 Rue du Saphir
1030 Brussel/ Bruxelles BE
Darwind was born from the observation that the current model of consulting firms did not allow to get a Win for the 3 parties engaged in: the consultant, the client and the company. We have developed an other model driven by the motivation of the consultant as first factor of success of a project. Our consultants work on the bridge between Business and Technology and accompany clients through change and evolution.
Job Location
Brussels, Belgique

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